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that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” ( I Pet. 3:15)
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     Recently it was discovered that some meteorites sometimes contain some of the chemicals found in living things. Adenine was one such chemical, which is, of course, one of the base chemicals in DNA. It is suggested that this shows that the basic building blocks for life could have been "delivered to earth" on an extraterrestrial transport system. The reason this is so important to evolutionists is that they have been trying to create life on the earth from the ingredients necessary to it's formation only to be met with failure.
       But not for lack of trying. For over half a century scientists have tried to recreate the conditions that would cause life to spontaneously arise from non-living matter but have been gloriously unsuccessful. If it cannot be accomplished on earth by the
"intelligent" design of evolution scientists, then maybe it could have occurred by chance in the vacuum of space. So it is hoped by evolutionists.
     But the truth is life comes only from life. This is attested to by countless “experiments” every day, all over the world. These experiments are testable and repeatable, the necessary ingredients for the formation of life in a theory. But more importantly, this is what the Bible declares. Life produces only "after its kind" (Gen. 1:11,12, 24,25). Spontaneous generation has been proved false since 1859 (even before this by Redi in 1668), but evolution cannot even begin to occur without this happening.  So it is given a different name, "abiogenisis," and declared to be scientific. Unless life can come from non-life, evolution is a failed explanation of the world. Life does not come from non-life. (It has never been observed and it has not been repeated if it ever did happen.) Therefore, evolution has failed as an explanation of the world.  --ELP
Copyright Eric L. Padgett  03-30-2012
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